Michael Norman


Michael’s been in business since he was 17 years old, working in a variety of industries including events, software, and restaurants, before making his mark in the world of property development.

No job is too big or too small, and Michael has showcased his skills by taking on small renovations as well as playing an instrumental role in a $150 million high-rise development..

David Flanagan


As the third founding member of Arcadian Developments, David Flanagan, along with Denis Norman, was a co-founder of Sterilizing Equipment Sales and Service (SESS) in 1983.

David’s been involved in property from an investment perspective for decades and shares the corporate goal to inspire people to live, work, and play through the creation of great spaces.

Denis Norman


A successful businessman, Denis Norman started Sterilizing Equipment Sales and Service (SESS) in 1983 with long-time business partner, David Flanagan. What started as a small business, servicing a small number of local hospitals, soon expanded to provide sales and sterilising services to hospitals across Queensland, NSW, and Papua New Guinea.

Denis' role as director at Arcadian Consultancy allows him to share his vast knowledge of the property investment market, business landscape, and the art of building a successful company.